Creatif Designs Outdoor Furniture Sale

Creatif Designs are always trying to find ways to bring you best quality Balinese furniture to decorate your home. Soon we will be having an indoor and outdoor furniture sale at our new shop front! We can’t wait to share with you all the new pieces we have sourced to bring that little something extra to your home. We have launched our website to make it easier for your to see the full range of products we can source and to give you ideas for that custom piece you’re always been dreaming of.

Handcrafted Uniqueness

Our up and coming outdoor furniture sale will include beautifully handcrafted items made from solid teak. Teak trees are hardwood that typically grow in tropical climates within South East Asia. Teak wood is known to be one of the strongest trees on the planet as it can withstand the harsh tropical weather conditions. Growing up to 40 metres long, teak wood is known to last for extensive periods of time of up to 100 years. Teak wood can be identified by its golden brown timber that is easy on the eye and perfect for your outdoor setting.

Other pieces that will be included in our outdoor furniture sale are made from recycled boat wood. Colourful fishing boats are common around the Indonesian islands. As these boats are replaced over time the hardwood such as teak and ironwood are recycled into stunning individual pieces of furniture. These boats are dried and carefully dismantled resulting in planks being cleaned, sorted by size and thickness, sanded down and restored into appropriate pieces.

Our grandest opening

We cannot wait to open our doors and share with you these amazing Balinese creations! See our main website for ideas on what we have available in stock or for custom order; or contact us with any inquiry here.